R Text Mining: The Wells Report

wells report word cloud
Word Cloud Wells Report

Story: Patriots Deflated Footballs
Document to be text mined: Wells Report

How to Create Word Cloud using R:

Packages needed:
tm: Text Mining Package
RColorBrewer: ColorBrewer Palettes
wordcloud: Word Clouds

1) Convert PDF to text file using pdftotext

2) Clean the document and remove numbers, punctuation, symbols, and stop words.
 library(tm) #text mining   
 source<-DirSource("~/Text") #save text file(s) here   
 a<-Corpus(source, readerControl=list(reader=readPlain))   
 a <- tm_map(a, content_transformer(removeNumbers))   
 a <- tm_map(a, content_transformer(removePunctuation))   
 a <- tm_map(a, content_transformer(tolower))   
 a<- tm_map(a, stripWhitespace)   
 a[[1]] <- removeWords(a[[1]], stopwords("en"))   
 a<- tm_map(a, stripWhitespace)   
3) Examine the corpus and replace words if necessary. Since the Wells report was written by two parties, a lawfirm and Exponent some of the terms were inconsistent. This is how I changed "psig" to "psi" which were used interchangeably in the document:
 a[[1]]<- gsub( "psig" , "psi" , a[[1]])   
 a<- tm_map(a, PlainTextDocument) #neccessary after word replacement  
4) Create term document matrix and dataframe of keywords:
 tdm<- TermDocumentMatrix(a, control = list(minWordLength = 3))   
5) Create and format word cloud:
 library(RColorBrewer) #colors wordcloud   
 tdm.m <- as.matrix(tdm)   
 tdm.v <- sort(rowSums(tdm.m),decreasing=TRUE)   
 tdm.d <- data.frame(word = names(tdm.v),freq=tdm.v)   
 pal2 <- brewer.pal(8,"Dark2")   
 png("wells_report.png", width=8,height=8, units='in', res=400)   
 wordcloud(tdm.d$word,tdm.d$freq, scale=c(8,.2),min.freq=5, max.words=Inf,  random.order=FALSE, rot.per=.15, colors=pal2)